MoU & Collaborations

GC - Recoding Lives

The synergy between Academia & Industry is key for a thriving research ecosystem may it be Biology or Computer Science and the myriad fields we see getting advanced enriched, worldwide

In 2018, GC, inked an MoU with one of the leading Technology universities in India – Cochin University of Science and Technology – CUSAT ( ) to work together with the DBT there, to design and bring about the best that both sides can do mutually.

GC Tech Talks : “An Industry Introduction to Bioinformatics” at the DBT, CUSAT

The idea of collaboration in Science is tried & tested.

With the challenges of Biology getting more complex as research advances, it’s health collaborations that catalyse.

In cancer genomics, we had done some interesting works with Weill Cornell Medicine -Qatar. [ ]

“ We have found GenomicsCentral  a very valuable research partner, and am quite happy in the way our collaboration worked out in the cancer genomics paper on TNBC…..we feel that you are very much part of our team. We would like to thank you for your efforts; looking forward for future collaborations & works. “ -Dietrich Büsselberg , Professor & Asst. Dean at Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar

Simply ” To go fast, go alone, to go far, go together” , as an African proverb goes.

And we are all for such future MoUs and collaborations! [ ceo(at) ]